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From the desk of Matt Krajniak......

Insights and Updates

Talk to your advisor to see if it's right for you Thumbnail

Talk to your advisor to see if it's right for you

To help you navigate the turbulent waters of investment choices, you’ll rarely be encouraged to “talk to your financial advisor” because in general investment companies would prefer you to see their ad and look no further. An advisor may have other ideas, after all—especially an independent advisor.

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Constructing a Balanced Portfolio Thumbnail

Constructing a Balanced Portfolio

Constructing a portfolio requires balancing a number of variables at the same time, and often involves compromising in order to select investments that have the best chances for a positive outcome

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Can I time the market? Thumbnail

Can I time the market?

While we only have historical data to use as a guide, it is possible to statistically improve your chances that you might not lose as much money in an unfriendly market. By having investments that aren’t highly correlated with each other, you can reduce your odds of losing money and even potentially increase your long-term returns.

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